The project

The project

The mission of “Project 208 – Reveal the heritage and values of the World” is to create emotion, to inspire, to provoke travelling and learning; to tell the stories behind at least 208 places with cultural and historic significance in a more different and humane way – by revealing the emotions and values that these places arouse in those who visit or keep them, or live nearby. Each place will be accompanied by a video, photos and the most important – a story. It is not an ordinary story. It is one that aims to urge everyone to visit not the next typical landmark, but a place that is a part from the heritage it represents.

People travel because this brings them emotions. Project 208 gives them these emotions, by revealing the real spirit and essence of gorgeous places hidden all over the world.

Let us tell you a story – the story of a young and in-love-with-life-and-travelling couple. A few years ago this couple started visiting the 100 National Tourist sites of Bulgaria and managed to find some very interesting facts – those places had something more than a simple story based on the past and the culture of the country. What each of them had was an emotional story, a life, that was connected with people. The more places they visited and the less popular these places were, the more interesting and emotional the stories became. 

There were places that were opened only the couple to be able to visit them, and not because the couple was so special, but because they were the only ones who had recently been passing through this place. And the emotions and the stories were carried by people, by virtue of whom those places still exist. 

Then a dream was born – those stories to be shared with everyone in order everybody who decides to visit a certain place to be able to feel the same emotion and to manage to get acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of glorious places all over the world in a different way, and at the same time to get to know the preserved human values.

The ‘stories’ as we call them are the places that are going to be visited, shooted and released. These are at least 208 stories which will reveal the heritage and values of the World – for some this places are the amazing motherland, for others unknown pieces of heaven.