Stowe – The Hidden Place You Should Share With Your Family

Stowe – The Hidden Place You Should Share With Your Family

Stowe is well known as one of the finest ski towns in the United States dating back to the 1930s. Long before the town earned its reputation as a top ski town, Stowe is a favorite destination for summer tourists looking to get away from the stress of city life. Ever since Stowe earned its reputation as a lovely ski vacation spot, the town had transformed into a beautiful winter destination. As a result, visitors outnumbered hotels. In a bid to curtail the shortage of accommodation, locals opened their doors to visitors and welcomed them in. Most homes in Stowe are now country inns. This is to show you how hospitable locals are.

Are you daydreaming of the European Alps but can’t fund the trip? Look no further than the quaint yet affordable Stowe. Nestled between the Green Mountains and CC Putnam State Forest, Stowe is a small village in Vermont with few shops and restaurants as well as charming churches and working farms.  And just beyond main street is Mt Mansfield standing at 4,395 feet, making it the highest peak in Vermont. Here you will not only enjoy fascinating skiing, but also plenty of winter sport activities.

Unlike many skiing destinations around the world, Stowe offers world class activities all year round. Most businesses in Stowe stay open all through the four seasons. This classic new town offers beautiful fall foliage. The best way to get around Stowe is by car. If you are looking to go leaf peeping, take an exhilarating drive along the Toll Road anytime from September to October. Another key point to note is Stowe’s back roads are steep with sharp corners, so drive with caution.

Furthermore, Stowe is home to lots of campgrounds. So if you are looking to spend less, go camping but check to see if the weather is conducive and tolerable before pitching your tent. Stowe is a haven for food enthusiasts. American cuisine reigns supreme in this beautiful town. Restaurants serve great tasting meals prepared using the finest ingredients.

If you love exploring the outdoors, Stowe Recreation Path is just perfect for you. Regardless of the time of the year you visit, you will appreciate the relaxed, picturesque setting of Stowe Recreation Path. The best ways to explore this 5.5 mile long greenway is by walking, biking, snowshoeing etc. The best time of the year to visit is from September to February. During these times, visitors will enjoy plenty of great activities including leaf peeping or skiing. Still looking for the ideal destination for a family vacation? Gather the entire family and head out on a family friendly escape to Stowe.