Leavenworth, Washington – A little piece of Bavaria in the USA

Leavenworth, Washington – A little piece of Bavaria in the USA

Located in the Wenatchee River Valley in Chelan County, Leavenworth has close proximity Seattle 135 miles to the west. The town can be easily reached by car in over a 2 hour drive. During the 1960’s, after several years of a dwindling economy, rulers and leaders handling the affairs of the city requested all commercial buildings in the city to incorporate Bavarian style architecture. Till this day, you will find all commercial buildings including the McDonalds in a Bavarian style. Annual snowfall averages 95 inches, making it a perfect destination for enjoyable winter activities.

Leavenworth has a true four season climate. Spring is an ideal time for beautiful flowering blossoms. On average, the city is 10 degrees colder during winter high temperatures than Seattle; and about 12 degrees warmer during summer high temperatures than Seattle. Winter activities include sleigh rides and skiing opportunities while summer brings plenty of outdoor activities including hiking, river rafting trips and horseback riding.

Home to approximately 2,500 residents, Leavenworth is a popular tourist destination in Washington. This scenic Bavarian styled village features abundant recreation including skiing, kayaking, bicycling, golfing, rafting and camping. In addition, the town also plays host to an array of festivals and events attracting hundreds of thousands of travelers annually. The Christmas tree lighting ceremony is a must see for all. Another popular annual event include Oktoberfest, an outdoor summer concert. Despite its small size, heavy traffic occurs frequently in Leavenworth especially during popular events. Truly, Leavenworth is indeed an amazing destination full of natural beauty.

While taking a stroll around town, wine tasting is just around the corner. Wineries have shop where visitors can sample their wares. Exotic restaurants provide various kinds of cuisine and the Christmas store isn’t the only place ideal for shopping all year round. Clothes, jewelry, bags and gift items are displayed on the shelves of many Bavarian style shops. Why bring your sun hats along? Leavenworth has plenty of stores just for that.

To learn more about how candies are made, take a short drive to nearby Cashmere and explore the candy factory. The city also serves as a gateway to the Enchantments, a popular hiking area in the Stuart Range. Tourism and agriculture are the major source of revenue for the area. It is renowned for being an ideal region for wine-growing. It has also been recognized as an excellent wine-growing region and there are numerous vineyards in the area.

Leavenworth offers an eclectic mix of culture, fun, shopping and entertainment and is well worth a visit.