In the shades of the Grand Canyon Sedona lies, covered with amazing...

In the shades of the Grand Canyon Sedona lies, covered with amazing rocks

When people think of top vacation spots in Arizona, places that come to mind include the Grand Canyon, or the golf resorts of Scottsdale. However, Arizona vacation is far beyond that. Sedona is an incredible destination worth visiting but just few think of it. It is however considered by many as Arizona’s best kept secret.

Tucked in Arizona’s high desert, Sedona boasts four mild seasons with great scenery, fresh air and plenty of sunshine, which makes it perfect as a great destination for every traveler. Sedona is full of color and contains rock formation that’s hard to come by anywhere else in the US.

However just few people know that Sedona has a rich history of over 500 million years. For more than 300 million years, Sedona formed its sedimentary layers of sandstone seen today. Historically, it is believed that dinosaurs once roamed Sedona between 200 and 65 million years since its existence. History enthusiasts will find this lovely destination amazing. Human prehistory dates back to 4000 years BC. During this time, hunter-gatherers found the Verde Valley and Prescott areas as a lovely settlement area. As time goes by, the Sinagua people brought civilization into Sedona between 900 and 1350 AD. Most compelling evidence is the pueblos and cliff houses built here. Furthermore, these people engaged in farming activities and started producing many items including baskets, pottery and jewelry.

According to historians in the area, the city was named after Theodore Carl Schnebly and his wife, Sedona, who originally came from Gorin, Missouri. T.C’s wife, Sedona, is known to be a friendly and hospitable woman. Bowing to pressure from families living there, T. C built a post office out of his home. Initially, he suggested to name the post office Red Rock Crossing or Schnelby Station which was rejected by the government because the names were too long. However, following an advice by his brother, Dorsey Ellsworth Schnelby, he suggested Sedona which got approved immediately hence the city’s name. Officially incorporated in 1988, Sedona is one of the most popular places in Arizona for touristy and recreation activities.

Whether you are looking for a perfect place to relax, enjoy great photography opportunities or get up close and personal with nature, Sedona has everything for you. Come experience everything you are looking for in a vacation, whilst also learning more about its rich history and culture. Take advantage of all that Sedona has to offer. Equally important, nature lovers will find this beautiful destination awe inspiring.

Vacation in Sedona will be one of the most memorable ever. So plan your trip to Sedona and you’ll be glad you did. Pleasant experiences, world class attractions, exotic restaurants, and great tours – the list is endless.