The Island in the Middle of Superior

The Island in the Middle of Superior

Mackinac Island is located in Lake Superior, about equidistant between the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula dating back to the 17th century. This small island, which is just a few miles from the Michigan Mainland, has a rich history. Visitors can get into the city via a 15-minute ferry from either St Ignace or Mackinaw City. For the purpose of clarification, automobiles are not allowed anywhere on the island. With this in mind, walking is one of the best options to explore the island. Take a trip to this lovely island and step back in time.

The beautiful island still maintains its rich tradition, as you will find beautiful draft horses all over the place used to cart people from one place to another. In 1896, a petition was signed that banned “horseless carriages” on the island owing to the fact that horses get startled. In order to guarantee optimum safety for both people and horses, the ban on cars has remained up to this present time except for emergency vehicles including ambulances and police cars.

As a result, Mackinac Island is pollution free. There are no factories on the island probably because there are few year round residents to take charge. Mackinac Island is the only place in Michigan with nearly zero carbon emissions. The island started out as a trading center.

This charming island is indeed a gem and an incredible place worth visiting. Summer months attract visitors from all parts of the world. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serene vacation time, Mackinac Island is much less crowded during fall.

The island boasts Mackinac state park rated as one of the best in the USA by National Geographic. There is also a kid friendly butterfly house with over 500 of them available. Golf enthusiasts will find the Wawashkamo Golf Club interesting. This golf course is easily accessible to the public.

If you want to learn more about the island’s rich history, Fort Mackinac is the place to be. The fort was constructed by British soldiers during the American Revolution. It once served as a lookout spot in the Straits of Mackinac for over a century. Presently, Fort Mackinac has transitioned into the newly reformed National Historic Landmark. In addition, Mackinac Island offers great shopping opportunities. This charming island is a haven for entertainment; you will enjoy every second spent here.