Woodworking and Woodcraft Plans and Tips

Woodworking and Woodcraft Plans and Tips

Here are our top tips for making your Woodworking Plans a Success.

First of all you need to understand wood, and how it’s going to react in different circumstances. Wood is your material and you should know everything about it.


On a micro level wood consists of little straws called lumens, bundled together they are called micro fibrils. Once you cut the wood down it’s dead, it’s not a living organism. Still it will continue to take on and give off moisture.

Fresh wood has a lot of moisture in it. 100% moisture content is considered the original weight of the tree. After being dried and delivered to you it’s usually between 5 – 12% moisture content.

All of the moisture that was in the lumens is gone by then. The moisture that we’re worried about that’s still in the wood is in between the lumens, and it’s this moisture that will make the wood shrink or expand.

What we have to be careful about is taking this wood in a dry environment after you’ve finished your woodcraft project. For example taking it into a dry home in the winter time while heating is on. As it gives away the moisture the wood will shrink, and it will destroy your Woodworking Plans and Projects if you’re not careful.

Important to know is that this shrinking and expanding only happens in a horizontal direction towards the lumens. This is because the water is in between the lumens, which keeps them from expanding or shrinking along their length. Therefore the length is something you do not have to worry about.

So here is what you need to watch out for: To not attach different pieces of wood in such a static way that an expansion or shrinking of one piece of the wood will cause breaking or other kinds of destruction. The wood always needs some space to move, or be attached in a way that it won’t destroy the project. Especially important is having the right plans, therefore we recommend using professional plans which can be found online for free, as well as in magazines or on paid sites. These plans consider the issues and have been proven to work.