How to Stop your Cats from Peeing in your Home

How to Stop your Cats from Peeing in your Home

It’s a well known problem among cat owners – especially when the cars are stressed and in an unusual or new environment – for example when you are travelling. And it creates a lot of headaches. Not only does the cat pee stink strongly and is hard to wash out. It also becomes impossible to give your cats to a neighbor or to take them with you when travelling.

How to Stop Cat Spraying and Peeing

To stop the Cat Spraying and make your Next Travel Trip a Success here our top 3 tips for teaching your Cats to stop this misbehavior.

  1. Presence of other cats, especially stray cats, can be a reason for Cat Spraying. Your cat wants to mark and defend its territory – by marking it with it’s smell. Stopping your cat from seeing other cats from your home can help, for example by restricting the cats view of the outdoors.
  2. The presence of another cat in the household if you have two or more cats can be another cause. The other cat can bee seen as a competitor and therefore territory is marked by spraying in your house. A solution is trying to treat both cats as equal as possible, and trying to establish a good relationship between the cats, so they do not feel threatened by each other.
  3. A more radical solution, but if your cat is a male, having it neutered will fix the spraying in the majority of cases. This is especially effective before 6th month of age.

There are many more solutions, including hormone sprays to make your cat more comfortable, but in the end the above three are the most effective. We recommend trying them first and waiting several weeks on what the results will be.

If nothing else helps we recommend contacting an Expert in your Area, who can come over to visit your home and evaluate the situation individually to give you the right recommendations. It might not be cheap, but it is guaranteed to make your life happier and more stress free. And your cat will feel the same!