How to Build a Shed

How to Build a Shed

Building a shed requires some Woodworking expertise, but with the right instructions it’s doable by yourself, and it’s a great project to challenge yourself and create something out of nothing with your own hands!

Here is a quick 5 minute video to give you a quick impression of how building your own shed will look like.

The following longer video will provide you with the detailed instructions and plans for building your own shed:

Here a quick summary:

  1. Prepare your plan. There are many plans in video format, but you can also purchase them online or in most woodworking shops. The plan should include your sheds expected size, design, with measures and in the end the raw materials you will need.
  2. Next up you will have to buy the raw materials and make sure you have the necessary tools to build your shed.
  3. You can build the shed on top of concrete blocks, they are cheap and easy to work with. You can also use other materials, the point is you will need some kind of solid foundation.
  4. Now make sure it’s good dry weather and you can start executing the instructions of the plan step by step.
  5. Depending on how experienced you are, it can take a single day, a weekend or several weeks to build you shed. It also depends on the size of your project of course.

Alternatives to building the shed from scratch yourself are pre-made sheds with simple instructions, similar to your Ikea furniture. It will be simpler to assemble, but you have less room for your own design and it will be more expensive and less reliable.

Once your shed is assembled it’s a perfect storage space for your belongings such as garden equipment, bicycles, and more while you’re travelling.